Architecture Tripark Las Rozas

The buildings comprise five storeys of office accommodation: lower ground floor, ground floor and three upper floors. The lower ground floor has direct access to the landscaped patios, which ensure that these spaces enjoy good natural light.

Each building has independently accessed, below grade car parking. Access to the office floors from these car parks is provided via passenger lifts, goods lifts and stairs.

The main features:

  • Optimal ratio leasable area / gross area: 89% instead of industry average of 82%.
  • Functional and high quality design.
  • 3 totally independent blocks.
  • High levels of natural light and facades that control the interior temperature.
  • Landscaping suited to the Madrid climate.
  • Fire detection and extinguishing system, including automatic sprinklers.
  • Independent air conditioning with 3 pipes variable cooling systems (VRV).
  • Raised floor for underfloor cabling.
  • Floors of 2,450 sqm divisible into four modules of 600 sqm.
  • Efficient Space distribution and floor to ceiling heights of 2.7 meters.
  • 1,119 parking spaces, one for every two workplaces.
  • 4 elevators and 2 goods lifts in every block.
  • 360 photovoltaic panels and 10 solar panels on every block.
  • LEED® CS Gold Certification (Leader in Energy & Environmental Design).

Tripark Business Park

Floor 032.702 m²
Floor 022.702 m²
Floor 012.702 m²
Garden Plant2.374 m²

Parking397 spaces + 20 outdoor

Floor 032.482 m²
Floor 022.482 m²
Floor 012.482 m²
Ground Floor2.209 m²
Garden Plant1.415 m²

Parking294 spaces + 70 outdoor

Floor 032.501 m²
Floor 022.501 m²
Floor 012.501 m²
Ground Floor2.225 m²
Garden Plant1.425 m²

Parking277 spaces + 72 outdoor

Grupo Rilafe

C/Maria de Molina 5-2D.
28006 Madrid, Spain
Phone 91:411 84 60

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